Welcome to the app registration of contexxt.ai sphere.

After login, an app named contexxt.ai sphere will be registered in your Azure Active Directory. With your login you will be asked to agree that the app receives the following application permissions.

  • Microsoft Graph – Directory.Read.All (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – Group.Read.All (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – Mail.Read (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – User.Read.All (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – Calendars.Read (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – Chat.Read.All (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – CallRecords.Read.All (Application)
  • Microsoft Graph – ChannelMessage.Read.All (Application)

These permissions remain in your hands and could be revoked by you at any time. These given permission will be used to analyze relevant data and store corresponding metadata and key figures in pseudonymized form.

The usual data protection regulations and non-disclosal-agreements apply.


Privacy Policy

Please find here our privacy policy: Privacy Policy contexxt.ai sphere and the C.AI Adoption Bot